Greetings, stranger.
We seem to have accidentally beamed you aboard the starship Enterpricicle, no doubt because of the interference this damned ion storm caused with our transporter signal. It would be best if you stayed aboard until the storm passes, I think. I am Lieutenant Commander Anika. May I give you a tour of this ship?


He aquí los patrones de los uniformes de Star trek La Serie Original:

1. Uniforme femenino; 2. Patrones del uniforme femenino; 3. Pasos a seguir a la hora de armar el vestido; 4. Patrones de la sudadera del uniforme masculino; 5. Insignias y rangos.




this star trek engagement ring is the most precious thing ever okay?




McCoy in short sleeved shirts tho.

don’t forget

the black

shirt of

holy damn Doctor McCoy



all i ask for today is one knowing look. just one. just one live long and prosper from a stranger

UPDATE: a super cute chubby hipster with a fabulous beard told me my shirt was seriously awesome and we discussed the beauty of star trek crossed with the power of memes. star trek is everywhere



If you watch these bloopers, Brent didn’t know the camera was focused on him at that time. When he realized it was, he was like “oh shit sorry!” It’s adorable!

little shit